How to Pick the Best Siding Contractor

Is your home siding looking a little weathered, and now you feel it’s time to replace it? Maybe you’re looking to enhance the look of your home – siding is a great way to do it. Your home exterior is important to your home's overall appearance and value. Trying to pick the best siding contractor can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.
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Choosing the best contractor can be tricky, but with proper research and strategies, you’ll be ready to pick the right one. From countless companies and contractors vying for your business, it can take time to know where to start. There are specific criteria you can consider to pick the best siding contractor for your project.

Pick The Best Siding Contractor

#1. Is the Siding Contractor Insured & Licensed

First, ensure the siding contractor is licensed and insured, whether independent or working for a company. Upon initial communication, ask for proof of workers’ compensation insurance, property damage cover, and liability insurance. Having insured contractors will protect you should damage to your property while installing the new siding. You also want to be protected should the siding contractor have an accident while on your property. 

#2. Reviews, Referrals, and Experience

The next thing on the list on picking the best siding contractor for you is ensuring they have experience. Having a lot of experience does not always mean they are the best contractor for the job. Check out their online reviews and see if they have any referrals or testimonies listed on their websites – bonus if they are verifiable through clickable links.

It isn’t a horrible idea to pick someone brand new to the field, so long as they have someone on-site with them guiding them along the way. We all had to start somewhere, but you’ll want to see if they have on-the-job training and how much. Otherwise, stick with the more experienced contractor in your area. They almost always have high star reviews and an extensive list of referrals they can provide for you so you can check out the work they’ve previously done. 

#3. Costs, Payments, and Contracts

Considering the cost is important when hiring a siding contractor. If you have a budget, you’ll want to keep that in mind when contacting companies for their estimates. 

You’ll also want to ask the following:

  • What type of payments do they accept
  • Is payment due when the job is complete 
  • Are there grace periods
  • Do they require milestone payments
  • When are milestone payments due

Once you find out the options for finances, make sure you get all of that in writing, along with the scope of work for the siding installation. Only let the siding contractor start their work with contracts in place, and making sure contracts are in place first protects all parties involved. 

#4. Don’t Forget the Warranty  

Almost everything available now comes with a standard warranty, and siding is no different. When it comes to siding, you’ll want to ensure there are warranties on the materials and the labor. You’ll find that all the different siding brands out there have different warranties, so pick accordingly. 

Make sure your siding contractor includes their warranty for labor in the contract before you sign it. There are some sidings where if improperly installed – it voids the warranty – so make a note of that and don’t be afraid to ask your siding contractor questions.  You’ll want to keep all of the important papers together in the invent a problem arises. 

Pick The Best Siding Contractor

#5 Are They Local? We Are!

Now that you know the top tips for choosing the best siding contractor let us show you what our siding contractors can do for you. 

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