black soffit and fascia

Modern Black Soffit and Fascia

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Most people know about the more prominent features of their home’s exterior, like the windows, doors, and siding. However, other details like fascia and soffit, are just as essential to a home’s overall look and function.

Whether you are refreshing your current residence or building a new home, there are many decisions to make. Some people have a hard time choosing a color for their gutters, fascia, and soffit.

Are they supposed to coordinate with the trim or the roof? You may even wonder what fascia and soffit are in the first place. Here are three beautiful examples of black soffit and fascia to inspire your home design.

What are Soffit and Fascia?

Black Soffit And Fascia

Soffit and fascia are both essential exterior features that surround the edge of your roof. They are functional and aesthetic too. If you look at your home straight on, the trim around your roof is the fascia. It seals the edge of your shingles to create clean lines around your border’s roof.

Underneath the fascia is the soffit, a material beneath the eave that connects the exterior wall of your house to the far edge of your roof. The soffit covers the gap between the fascia and the wall. Soffit vents provide ventilation to the attic to help prevent moisture damage and high electricity bills.

Fascia plays an essential role in protecting your facial board when installed properly. It also supports the roof, gutters, and shingles, to help direct water away from your home.

The gutters sit above the soffit and fascia. Because all these components are in such close proximity, it’s important to choose the colors for your fascia, soffit, and gutters that complement each other.

Soffit and fascia can come in various colors and materials, but we’re going to focus on the black soffit and fascia.

Highlight the Details with Black Soffit and Fascia

Black Soffit And Fascia

With this example, you can use the color black on your home’s exterior and still maintain a classic aesthetic. The black soffit and fascia match the windows and entry door to create an extraordinary final look.

Dark Exterior for Maximum Impact

Black Soffit And Fascia

From the architecture and the design to the color choice, this home exemplifies a luxurious and sleek design. The black soffit and fascia complement the dark color of the house, which allows each element to blend flawlessly together and create a harmonious design.

Add Contrast with Black Soffit and Fascia

Black Soffit And Fascia

The owner of this home uses contrasting colors to make the home stand out. The black soffit and fascia really attract attention against the white exterior. Going with contrasting colors is a terrific way to add dimension and drama to any home.

Update Your Home’s Exterior with Waddle Exteriors

With many coordinating shades for gutters, soffit, and fascia, you will surely find a color scheme that works well for your property at Waddle Exteriors. 
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