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The Pros and Cons of Gutter Guards

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Cleaning your gutters requires getting on a ladder to reach them. Unfortunately, this is a dangerous event, and around 300 people die each year from ladder-related events. 

But cleaning your gutters is essential for their operations and your home’s safety. As a result, people often hire professionals to clean their gutters. However, others install gutter guards to reduce the frequency of cleanings. 

Are gutter guards a good option? Do they have benefits?

Here is a guide that explains the pros and cons of installing gutter guards on your home gutters. 

What Are Gutter Guards?

First, you might want to learn about gutter guards. For example, what are they, and do you need them?

Gutter guards are devices you place over your existing gutters. The purpose of gutter guards is to stop debris, such as leaves, from getting into your gutters.

Stopping the debris with these guards protects your gutters, allowing them to work more effectively. 

Cons of Gutter Guards

So what are the cons of putting guards on your home gutters?

The first is the cost of buying gutter guards; they’re not cheap. Therefore, you’ll have to invest some money to get them. Plus, you’ll have to pay for the labor to install them. 

Secondly, they’re not completely effective. Gutter guards can get clogged just like regular gutters.

You can often tell when you need to replace your gutters by the frequency of clogs, but other signs can also tell you it’s time for replacement. So, you might still have to clean your gutters even after installing guards on them. 

Additionally, gutter guards can bend, impeding their ability to block debris from getting into the gutters.

Pros of Gutter Guards

While you can choose from several types of gutter guards, installing them on your home offers a few benefits.

First, gutter guards tend to offer an effective way to stop most debris from entering your gutters. As a result, your gutters might need less maintenance.

Additionally, properly working gutters drain water effectively. As a result, you can reduce the chances of water damage in your home. 

Another benefit is the protection they offer your gutters. After installing gutter guards, your gutters will have the protection they need. The result is that you’ll experience fewer problems with your gutters. 

Your gutters will also last longer. Therefore, investing in gutter guards increases the lifespan of a typical gutter system. 

Finally, gutter guards decrease the frequency of cleaning your gutters, which means you can stay safer by not getting on a ladder to clean them yourself.

Learn More About Gutters

Understanding the pros and cons of gutter guards can help you determine if you should get them. You might decide to try them out. On the flip side, you might decide to hire a company to clean your gutters routinely.

In either case, feel free to contact us at Omaha Gutters & Siding. We offer gutter installation, replacement, repairs, and cleaning services. We also offer gutter guards, so call us today to learn more. 

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